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Hello! I’m Cristina Maria Curp, Cuban-American, mother, military spouse, food lover and dreamer. The chef and creator of the Castaway Kitchen, a blog where I share my recipes, health journey, and adventures wherever the US Navy takes us.

I have been able to heal my body and greatly improve my quality of life through food. Ancestral health has helped me achieve a level of remission with my autoimmune diseases that I never thought possible. This is where my passion for ancestral living comes from. I believe in nourishing my body with whole foods and enjoying every bite!

Food, creating and cooking has always been a love of mine, but being able to heal through food changed my perspective on diet forever. I’m always quick to answer a question, reply to comments and emails. I like to be there for you all as the online paleo, keto, and AIP community were there for me during my healing process.

I’m really active on Instagram, you can follow along @thecastawaykitchen and we can hang out on Stories, where I cook and chat daily! Or join my Facebook Community HERE. 

More on my healing journey HERE.

Informative Articles on Diet, Weightloss, Hormone Balance and More! 

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