Food As Medicine

Here at The Castaway Kitchen, we have a singular mission and vision: to help others heal through diet and lifestyle.

The way we eat affects every aspect of our lives and we understand that it is a biological and individual choice. Each of us has ancestry, gene expression, trauma, habits, and needs that the others do not.

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So how do we know which way of eating is optimal for us?

Let’s rewind a bit. When I say we all have different needs, I mean it. However, there are a few basic needs that all humans have when it comes to being healthy! This is proven by decades of biological sociology, and the work of various doctors and researches around the globe. They seem to all agree on real food first, and a return to ancient practices.

Dr. Weston A. Price (1939).  narrowed it down to these inflexible rules:

  • We must obtain fat-soluble vitamins from properly prepared animal sources.

  • We must consume whole foods.

In other words, a paleo approach to nutrition. It makes sense. There is no ONE PALEO DIET. Throughout history human’s food, they foraged, hunted and sources locally. While some had great success with hunting and fishing, others relied heavily on plant matter. Some of our ancestors ate a very high carb, while others primarily ate protein. However, one thing is for sure, fat was important across the board!

From the agricultural revolution to the widespread use of sugar and the onset of shelf stable, nutritionally depleted foods, our health has deteriorated as a society. We now live in an environment with access to too much food, with too little nutrition. We are overeating and yet starving at the same time.

Getting back to an ancestral template is step one, but sometimes we have other factors at play, from autoimmunity to insulin resistance. I’ve broken down for you each of the nutritional tools that I used to regain my health, through a self-assessment template, so you can figure out which one is best for YOU!

Click each nutritional approach to find out if it’s right for you:

PALEO   |    KETO   |   AIP

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Weston A. Price, DDS. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (1939). Lemon Grove, CA: Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation