Tracking Macros on Keto

Martina Slajerova, best-selling author, and keto expert reached out to me this summer. She asked if I had seen her app, which is called Keto Diet App. Pretty self-explanatory right?

Honestly, I hadn’t seen it I told her, but I was happy to take a look. While I don’t personally track my macros, I know that it can be a big part of a lot of low carber’s life as well as a useful tool when acclimating to a keto diet.


This is the reason that I included macros in all of the recipes for my cookbook, Made Whole. The process of calculating all of the macros for every recipe, double checking them and even outsourcing a triple check to a third party… I learned something about macro tracking apps… most of them are wrong, oh- so very wrong a lot of the time.


If one does not ever so carefully input each ingredient and chose the correct option you can get VERY skewered data. Scary, since I know a lot of people who eat low carb and sugar, especially those who track diligently often do it for medical reasons.

What I love about this app:

  • You can plan your meals, adding in meals that are already curated by the app (which are legit delicious and healthy, over 300) or you can create your own!
  • It’s integrated with KetoDIet blog with over 740 recipes, guides, meal plans and more
  • The app has all the info! Want to learn where to start on keto? This app has content created by nutrition experts to get you going.
  • Shopping lists! Yes! Intuitive shopping basket to help you manage groceries.
  • So many great, everyday foods scanned into the app so adding your custom meals is a breeze.
  • The app costs less than $9, and it’s a one-time fee that includes all features and updates, no hidden agenda.
  • Macro Calculator to help you figure out what your target macros should be and you can easily update them as your needs change!
  • Big bonus! So many who count net carbs find other apps unfriendly in this regard, well, KetoDiet app easily lets you calculate your net carbs for each day.

I’m really impressed with this easy to use software and the clean and well-organized app.

I also love that it’s not a faceless app on your phone. Martina is a prolific blogger and author. She used food to heal her own body, a Hashi’s- autoimmune warrior!

I love her cookbooks and know she truly puts health first so I feel really good about this app.

It will be my go-to recommendation for those seeking this kind of structure in their way of eating.

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  1. Your article on the Ketodiet app is very well structured with great indormation on your eval of this app and frankly your encouragement to use an app that has a plethora of other educational info to help one on their Keto journey. I am entering this for the big win. Thanks Christina for the post.

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