Slow Cooker + Pressure Cooker Recipe Round-Up: Paleo, Whole30, Keto


Hey, hey, hey! It’s the New Year! Lot’s of you are on your January Whole30’s, getting back on the keto wagon and/or doing the dairy-free keto thing. Good for you, you are going to rock it! 

Nothing makes getting dinner ready on the daily than our handy-dandy slow cookers (and pressure cookers, who got an Instant Pot for Christmas? Whoot Whoot). 

Here is a massive recipe round up for you, your one stop shop for all recipes electric pots! 


  • any slow cooker recipe can be made into a pressure cooker recipe and visa versa, check recipe notes or do a quick google serve for cooking time variations.
  • does the recipe use a sweetener? omit it to make Whole30 or keto friendly. 
  • AIP or nightshade free? Replacers for peppers or tomatoes include radishes, no-mato sauce, rhubarb, rainbow chard stalks. Use horseradish or ginger to spice things up. 
  • shredded meats and saucy dishes freeze really well! make a big batch and freeze in small portions for quick thaw, heat and eat proteins! 

Don’t have a slow cooker OR pressure cooker? Remedy that! Get an Instant Pot or Breville Fast Slow Pro. These babies slow cook and pressure cook. They also brown and reduce! 

Okay! On to the recipes! Ready, set…. COOK!

*click on the images to open the recipe in a new tab*





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