Under $30 Amazon Foodie Gift Guide

Tis the season for gift giving! Who gets major anxiety at the thought of braving the holiday crowds at the mall? I know I do! Amazon has become my go-to place for gift shopping and between Prime and Cyber Monday I can get everyone I love something awesome without breaking the bank. I get it ya’ll, I have a big family, and I can’t spend a fortune on everyone, so I focus on REALLY USEFUL gifts that I know they will use often if not daily! Here is my list of FOODIE GIFTS FOR UNDER $30!

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Lodge Cast Iron is my go to cookware! A true work horse, these will last you a life time! 

These silicon savers are amazing, they fit on cans and jars (perfect for that can of coconut milk), pop them on a half cut onion, I use these daily! 

Not everyone can afford expensive knives, but keeping a any knife sharp is the trick. With this easy to use sharpener, you can make sure your blades are ready to go each time.

Mixing bowls with lids are perfect for storing prespped food, marianting meats or extra batter without having to wrestle plastic wrap over it. The silicone coated utensils are a must when using your Instant Pot or ceramic cookware, even when using non-stick. Perfect for any surface you don’t want to scratch!

Need a favorite mug? This is it! Bonus it’s got a lid so you can take your coffee with you! This milk frother? Easiest way to get your bulletproof latter frothy anywhere you go (keep it at work, take it on trips with you).


The only way to make no fail, full proof mayo: an immersion blener. Yup, they’re super afforable! Bamboo butting boards are the perfect combination of quality and affordable! 

Other than cast iron, super thin, bendy spatulas are the secret to perfect crispy eggs!

I use the sheet pans. I have two and I beat them up. They last, they work hard. They’re big! Line them with these reusable silicon mats to keep them clean, and save on parchment paper. 

I like the smaller 8×4 loaf pans. They lend themelves to taller bread, baked goods etc. 

These restaurant kitchen towels are super useful and a trendy alternative to dinner napkins. 

I use a lot of spices and dried herbs. I keep them next to the stove on a rack like this. 

Good coffee starts with the bean but the brewing process makes or breaks it. While we can’t all afford top if the line brewing systems, the French press is a sure and affordable way to make a smooth cup of coffee every time. 

Turn your mason jars into smoothie cups! 


These are a combination of delicious and beautiful NOT a completle list of my favorite cook books, but rather colorful, pictureque books that make beautiful gifts and have great recipes.  


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