Keto Diet Reset + Listen To The Sisson Giveaway!

Did you hear the news?

Mark Sisson’s new book is all about KETO! What is special about this book is his APPROACH! Much to the tune of his Primal Blueprint, which has helped thousands of folks burn body fat and regain their health, agility and wellbeing; all by breaking down the day to day life of our ancestors and WHY we should use their movement and eating patterns in today’s modern world. If you haven’t read it (spoiler) you can enter to win a copy below. Now  this wisdom is broken down and applied to a ketogenic diet. 

Keto diet consists of low carb intake so your body goes from using glycogen as a fuel source to fat. Low carb, high fat, moderate protein. Simple right? No! There are millions of folk doing their version of keto. Some eat grains, some eat cheese, some only focus on the numbers, some like me do a paleo-modified AIP approach. Now Mark Sisson shows us his, and I like it! 


What’s The Book About

In the Keto Diet Reset Mark applies that same ancestral approach, encompassing not only a well-rounded, whole foods approach to keto but addressing important lifestyle factors like stress, sleep and movement. The information is solid, the recipes are delicious, and better yet the folks at Primal Blueprint Publishing have created a community to support you through your 21 day reset.

The Facebook Group

The Book Website

Instagram: @marksissonprimal @primalkitchenfoods


Why I Love It

My keto education began with the Primal Blueprint. Having a trusted and knowledgeable source, like Mark Sisson talk about keto gets me excited. Excited because there is a lot of HYPE surrounding the keto diet right now, somehow Mark always knows how to cut through the BS. His goal isn’t just for you to lose weight; it goes beyond quick fixes, a helpful guide to encourage a truly balanced, nourishing and sustainable lifestyle.



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56 Replies to “Keto Diet Reset + Listen To The Sisson Giveaway!”

  1. I’m really excited to hear what mark has to say, especially as someone who is relatively new to keto. even if i don’t win the giveaway i plan on reading his book-thanks cristina!

  2. So excited about this new book,I read the blue print and I want to know how is his vision with keto. Cristina I love your blog and your recipes.

  3. I’m definitley interEsted in learning more about paleo keto. I just finished my first whole 30 and loved it. Now my husband wants to try keto. What better way to learn how to implement both! Thank you for offering a Giveway 🙂

  4. i wanT this Book!!! Ive been keto for A few months now with no change on the scale. Other changes in mental CLARITY and enery keep me pushing fOrward. i love Your site and your reciPes!! And i totally look forward To your instastories like a big nerd 🤓

  5. Started ketoing about 2 months ago and I am so happy that I was instructEd to do so by my ntp!!! The enErgy from blood sugar regulation Has changed my life as a mother of two babes 2 and under. I have also experiences hair growth where I had previously lost, weigh loss, balanced emotions, steady APPETITE and more!!! I would love To have another resource that would Help me continue this way of eating and fine tune what I making for me and my family. Thanks for your instagram account and oFfering such a giveaway!!!

  6. I have been ketoing for about 2 months now, and I am SO happy that my NtP instrycted to do so. The constant and level energy that I have now is such a gamE changer as a mother of two babes 2 and under. I havE also experienced regulated blood sugar, hair growth where I Hade previously lost during pregnancy, balanced emotions and more!!! Thanks for the hardwork you put it, and especially your Instagram account! I would be delighted have a resource to help me continue to fine Tune My keto lifestyle!!!

  7. Keto iS really intriguing to me and i am interestEd in trying it with a paleo approach like you! Would love to try out this new book to really learn what it’s all about!!

  8. As someone whi is new to keto i am excited to get his take on it. I also love your recipes and following your journey!

  9. I am very interested and curious about the ketogenic dIet. Two things cause reservations for me, but i would love to Read marks Book to become more informed. One reserVation being that i am still nursing my baby (almost 8 months) and the other being that i had to have my galbladder removed, so im not sure how A high fat diet would Affect it.

  10. i’m Currently not keto but i’m Learning about it so i can incorporate it into my life. I very recently learned that i have to eat low fodmap so I’m trying yo figure out how to combine that with keto to regain my health. Excited but mostly overwhELmed.

  11. I am very excited about this book! His Primal Blueprint literally changed my life, and I am starting to dabble in keto now, so the timing is perfect! I cannot wait to continue my health journey with Mark! 🙂

  12. Hey Christina!! I live your website and posts, i too have also have done whole 30 one time but woo i made It! And have been looking for a more nutritionally based keto and Would turly love tO win the Book and try the Primal bars!! Thank you so much for puTtin this in and please Keep posting i love your recipes and my kids do too

  13. Super excit to get his approach, there are some amazing things in the works for all of us i can feel it. Thanks for all your doing!

  14. Mark is the reason my husband and I changed our diets from primal, to frequent whole30ers, now dabbling in Keto. I can’t wait to read his take on the ketogenic diet and lifestyle. Great giveaway!

  15. I think keto is really intriguing and I would love to continue getting to know more about it! I have only heard great things.

  16. i have been following a keto based diet for a few months and know i am Doing something wroNg as i am not Seeing results like many do. I know this book will help me find the correct path i need to be on.

  17. I feel better. The FASTing n bulletproof coffee w/collagen peptides has been a game changer for me. Im up at 4:30 n i walk 3 miles Everyday at about 10am, lunch is noonish but nlt 1:00. I hav tons of energy, my brain fog has lifted n i find that I am now a ‘morning’ person. Which is crazy good!!!

  18. Keto makes me feel in control. I have had Type one Diabetes for 27 years and for the first time, i feel like i have my blood sugar in great control.

  19. I was not familiar with KeTo before finding your blog but i am veru interesteD to learn more. Seems like a veru healthy way to eat. Love your recipes!

  20. I ordered Mark’s new book and am excited to move my Paleo diet into a scientifically accurate keto one. Previous attempts at keto didn’t net the results I’d hoped for but the book previews seem to show better guidance and explanations that will help my understanding of how it works. Looking forward to digging in!

  21. I Tried to tell you last night how much i love all the inspiring kNowledgable paleo peeps exploring keto alongside of me. it wasnt working but hoPing today it is!

  22. Howdy! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could find a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having trouble finding one? Thanks a lot!

  23. Hey there! I’ve been reading your site for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Atascocita Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic work!

  24. Thank you for sharing such a nice information. I’ve been on the Keto diet for 3 weeks now. I’m enjoying it it does seem similar to Atkins which I was on years ago I just loved your blog and actually got to know many things after reading your blog. Worth reading and i am looking forward to keto diet meal plan. keep up the good work !

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