Keto Diet Reset + Listen To The Sisson Giveaway!


Did you hear the news?

Mark Sisson’s new book is all about KETO! What is special about this book is his APPROACH! Much to the tune of his Primal Blueprint, which has helped thousands of folks burn body fat and regain their health, agility and wellbeing; all by breaking down the day to day life of our ancestors and WHY we should use their movement and eating patterns in today’s modern world. If you haven’t read it (spoiler) you can enter to win a copy below. Now  this wisdom is broken down and applied to a ketogenic diet. 

Keto diet consists of low carb intake so your body goes from using glycogen as a fuel source to fat. Low carb, high fat, moderate protein. Simple right? No! There are millions of folk doing their version of keto. Some eat grains, some eat cheese, some only focus on the numbers, some like me do a paleo-modified AIP approach. Now Mark Sisson shows us his, and I like it! 


What’s The Book About

In the Keto Diet Reset Mark applies that same ancestral approach, encompassing not only a well-rounded, whole foods approach to keto but addressing important lifestyle factors like stress, sleep and movement. The information is solid, the recipes are delicious, and better yet the folks at Primal Blueprint Publishing have created a community to support you through your 21 day reset.

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Instagram: @marksissonprimal @primalkitchenfoods


Why I Love It

My keto education began with the Primal Blueprint. Having a trusted and knowledgeable source, like Mark Sisson talk about keto gets me excited. Excited because there is a lot of HYPE surrounding the keto diet right now, somehow Mark always knows how to cut through the BS. His goal isn’t just for you to lose weight; it goes beyond quick fixes, a helpful guide to encourage a truly balanced, nourishing and sustainable lifestyle.



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