Live In The Now: Birthday Resolutions (+Giveaway!)

Happy Birthday To ME!

Tomorrow marks 32 trips around the sun for me. I’m not one to shy away from birthday’s. In my former years I was big on BIG celebrations. I would plan epic pub crawls, weekends at the beach and wild parties. Since having my son I toned it down to nice dinners or a luxurious treat! This year I’m doing something different. No treats or booze for me. No wild nights or fancy dinners. This year my husband and I are playing hooky. We’re going on a hike, then swimming at Lanikai beach (one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and a few miles from your home). Later I am going to watch Wonder Woman with my gal pal. I don’t want to make today about drinks or food. I want to make it about experiences, company and empowerment. I completed my honorary pre-birthday Whole30 in May. I am not extending that tradition to the day of my birthday, the essence of it being, start this new year of life doing, being, embracing who you want to be. Let is set the tone, the pace and the magic for the next 365 days. Dale!

Being Practical

While lavish gifts have their place, and can be fun, my husband and I like to go for useful! My camera, which I use daily for work was one of my last large gifts. Tickets home to visit family. The digital fitness watch I got him for Christmas. He thought about getting me one of those contraption that tells you when you have texts messages, how many steps you walked and reads your heart rate. He really likes his after all. I have no interest in a fitness tracker watch. I am connected enough as it is. My online community is amazing, it’s growing, it’s my passion. But it can be overwhelming. I don’t need my watch beeping and buzzing at me.

Then I  got an email from JORD and the timing was nothing short of serendipitous! In this new year of life that I have been blessed with, I want to unplug more. I want to be present. I want to slow down more often. I’m a get your hands dirty, use all your senses kind of person. I love to immerse myself in that I’m doing- which is what makes me a good cook. I yearn to immerse myself  so in other activities! To sit by the ocean only to smell the salty air. To go on long walks and listen to all the birds chirping. To listen to my sons long winded stories without looking away. I want to live in the now. Just like whisking my matcha tea with bamboo, or kneading dough by hand, there is something ceremonial about putting on a wrist watch. Using the knob to set the time. It takes me back to a time when things were simpler. Clearer.

My new watch, it’s the perfect gift for me. A classic wrist watch made with natural materials. It’s light. It’s earthy. It reminds me to savor the moment.

JORD maks watches for MEN and WOMEN. These watches make amazing gifts, they custom fit and engrave them too!


Island Style

Being from Miami, I used to be big on designer wear. Carefully collecting handbags and shoes through my twenties. Then I left Miami, and they collected dust, until I finally sold all of my bags. I also had a very nice watch, my mother gave it to me when I graduated college. I never wore it. It felt heavy on my wrist. I use my hands a lot and I wasn’t a fan of how the metal banged and clanged with my counter and/or desk. Eventually I gave it back to my mom. She had lost her time piece and it felt appropriate.

I have been without one since. I must say, this Frankie in Zebrawood and Champagne feels just right. It’s light and comfortable. The quiet wood is warm and welcome on my wrist. It’s a classy and stylish piece. I feel like it’s Aloha Crisp! Which is like saying California Casual. It’s functional, beautiful, comfortable and stylish.



Now it’s time your for you to enter this awesome giveaway! The folks at JORD will give one of you a code for $100 off ANY watch… bonus… EVERYONE who enters will get a $25 off “consolation” code. Soooo really, there are no losers here. What are you waiting for… ENTER NOW! 


Contest ends: 07/16/2017, 11:59pm
Giveaway codes expire: 09/30/2017

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It was difficult to pick which watch I wanted. All of them, in various combinations of ethically sourced wood with stylish faces are just stunning. Unique pieces of art.


Wooden Wrist Watch

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