Bone Broth…. Pills?

Not Into Bone Juice?

I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten the “yulkgh” sound from folks when I mention to them that I often drink bone broth. I guess the word bone causes the sound.

First off bone broth, aka stock… like old fashioned how Grandma made it stock… IS THE BASIS OF FLAVOR IN MOST COMFORT FOODS! Second.. it’s magic.

Yup, I said magic. While the science to back up the healing properties of bone broth is spotty… no one can deny them. Not even doctors. Also, there is something almost cauldron like about the process of making bone broth. These days you don’t have simmer your cauldron for hours to get the amazing, flavorful, gut healing elixir… with the invention of the electric pressure cooker you can make it in two hours… still too much work…

Short Cut

Oh… maybe someone should make bone broth from pasture raised animal, with all organic and top notch ingredients. Maybe those people should package it, sell it online and deliver… oh wait?

Au Bon Broth! Duh!

When the offered to send me some of their famed broth to test out I was STOKED. Equally bummed when we realized they can’t ship to Hawai’i… food safety issues… I don’t blame them, I am in a super isolated corner of the globe. Then.. wait… they’ll send me Bone Broth PILLS! Wait, what?

Yup. Bone broth pills. Made with their award winning, organic broth that’s simply dehydrated in to capsules! Genius! Not only because they can now ship them to me, but two capsules is the equivalent of one cup of broth. The recommended dosage is six capsules a day. So you can ingest three ups of goodness, without having to sip on soup all day.

Pretty. Dang. Cool.

The only “other” ingredients are: gelatin, rice bran, rice concentrate. They are in such minuscule amounts that I have had ZERO reaction, taking these pills daily for almost a month.

I’m very selective about my supplements, mostly due to unwanted ingredients. I only take magnesium and a probiotic… and now these.

I must mention, that while you wouldn’t ask your doctor before DRINKING bone broth… if you’re on a strict or specific supplement intake, mention to your doc that you plan to add these to the mix.


I love the convenience, and honestly I wasn’t taking this much bone broth before… mostly because I’m often outside and it’s HOT here. A cup of broth isn’t my go-to snack. In the last few weeks I’ve really noticed the benefits of regular bone broth like stronger nails, healthier hair and glowing skin. I can’t vouch for my gut because I can’t see it… but if my skin is supposed to be a reflection of how my gut is doing… we’re in good shape!

I will always make and cook with homemade bone broth, I love getting bones from my local ranch, but it’s nice to have a shortcut. There are such few shortcuts in life that pay off. I think these are the exception though!

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    1. Did you read Jaime’s post?? The only down side of these is that they USED to have rice starch… which they no longer have. Her review of this product was also positive 🙂

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