Talking Holistic Medicine, Autoimmune Health & Food with Dr. Isali Ben Jacob

Interview with Doctor Isali Ben-Jacob, Holistic Practitioner in Miami, FL

Dr. Ben Jacob has treated my family for a number of health issues for many years. He is a trusted doctor and friend. I learned so much about what he does, and how he does it through this interview. The purpose for this interview was to give some insight in to holistic medicine. I know many of us are curious about seeing a holistic doctor or functional medicine practitioner but do not know where to begin.  I’m so grateful Dr. Ben-Jacob took the time to share his wealth of information with us today!

What is your specialty?

My specialty of that general practice, I made it by intention having an office that is open to all issues of ill health.

General practice? Conventional medicine?

Everything with the exception of conventional medicine. It must be said that there are really two broad groups of health care. One is holistic medicine and the other as allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine holds to the thesis, never proven, but the thesis that all issues of ill health is caused by some microbe, therefore all of their medication is antimicrobial of some sort, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasite and so forth. In holistic healthcare the underlying premise established is issues of ill health are caused by a failure of circulation of the aqueous humor. That posture has not changed for thousands of years. It is as valid today as it was then.

A quick history:

In roughly 1600, a person by the name of Paracelsus looked though a microscope and saw pieces, parts of our puzzle. The response was “Aha! I can see what causes ill health!” Allopathic medicine as we understand it birthed at that point in history, from that point forward, we were quantifying health. If we fast forward the time period, the first thing allopathic physicians do is want to take some form of blood work, or other kinds of lab work that may quantify your chemistry.

Holistic physicians, of which I am but one, would attempt to collect sufficient information that will reflect a pattern of ill health. Resulting in some current chief complaint. It’s that pattern which is important, what happens then as a protocol, is you being to peel back the layers of ill health, in order to arrive at the root cause.

How long have you been practicing?

Since the early 1980’s (over thirty years).

And you teach?

Yes, I’m a professor, a faculty member at different colleges.


What would you say is a common issue, the most prevalent that you see come in to your clinic?

It’s always some issue of pain or discomfort. I prefer to use the word pain instead of discomfort; discomfort infers pain of some sort. Issues of pain are what drive people to come to a physicians office. That pain does not necessarily mean you have a fractured bone or a head ache. It could be that you are having such discomfort with your bowel movement; you are having such discomfort with your digestion and so on. So discomfort (pain) takes on a whole range of clinical issues.

How many of these issues do you feel would be benefit with dietary changes as well as treatment?

All of them.  Food is the first medicine.

What I say to my students, and my patients is that if you truly intended good health, truly intended it then you will seek to get good air to breath, good fluids to drink, good foods to consume and ultimately, and that will lend to good thoughts as well.

The first three are all under some governmental regulation, therefore harder to get good food, good beverage, good air. You’re going to have become a political animal and begin to apply some leverage to these regulatory agencies that ought to be moving a better manner for our collective good health.


Absolutely, it’s incredible the things that are being done to food, genetically modified food, and the connection between health issues tied to these pseudo foods has been on the rise, I believe autoimmune issues to be one of them. ..

Let’s challenge the whole argument of autoimmune,  and let’s say in preference that for some reason our immunological systems are failing to respond to some poisons- which the allopathic community refer to as autoimmune.  In actuality it’s simply an immunological system that is experiencing and manifesting stagnation. The reason its doing it is because it does not see the poisons, there is not what we call phagocytosis, there is no reaction, no antigen antibody reaction, and therefore the poison has a free run, unresponded. That’s your autoimmune.


Are you saying that instead of it being what we consider an over active immune system, it is in fact an unresponsive one? 

The body itself is designed to eliminate poisons. It’s designed to release poisons to the exterior, it does that by way of bowel movement, excretions, urine, perspiration, by the nose the ear the eyes. It looks for many windows to naturally eliminate these poisons. That’s its design.


Where does leaky gut fit in to this?

Leaky gut is a deficiency of the tissue of the gut in being able to contain the poisons within the colon and eliminating it. The colon is a porous membrane and when the poisons within that plumbing system  become, at a level of prominence, more that the body is able to eliminate, it will seep through the porous membrane tissue of the gut and enter in to peritoneal space, that will then be picked up by the immune system, it will then have a reaction, and that’s what the leaky gut does, it causes frequent colds, pain in the joints, it’s because there is a poison that is continuously circulating in the system, never being adequately eliminated.


Where do you think that trigger foods fit in to this?

 You frequently have people that come in, in a compromised state, they have been the recipient of vaccinations, they’ve been the recipient of antibiotics, usually with some level of repetition, they’ve been the users of over the counter pharmaceuticals and in final analysis they are also the consumers of the western diet, the corporate diet. So that’s what comes in to our offices. Now when they go in to the conventional medicine offices (allopathic), that general practitioner is going to be looking at a list of diseases and will be referring the patient to specialist, that look at different types of diseases for different regions of the body.

Holistic practitioners are not specialist they are general practitioners and they understand that what they must do is identify the internal environment that is in a state of disturbance; and to thereafter respond with the appropriate form of medication which will enhance the response of the body to the poisons within it and help the body eliminate them.

Let me give you an illustration, an over simplification, but with sufficient accuracy to be fitting and understandable:

Let’s imagine we are looking at a valley surrounded by four mountain ranges and on the fifth side of this valley is something we’ll discuss in a moment, and in this valley there is a lake. So the mountain ranges, four of them are: mount neural, mount capillary, mount somite (muscle skeletal), mount paracrine, lets just say that’s for the organs.  Those mountain ranges are determinative of all bodily functions; they must crosstalk twenty-four-seven. However they don’t communicate directly, the do so through the lake in the valley. This lake, I will call lake plasma. This is a lake made up of an isotonic saline solution, sea water, but of such a concentration that it is an analog to the body’s own internal fluids. The body recognizes that if all communication if occurring though this lake, if this lake is determinative of how information is being conveyed then it must be kept clean. The fifth side of the lake is therefore a filter system for the lake, which we call the lymphatic system.  Holistic physicians treat the lake.  

We put in to that lake with our medicines, regardless with the mode of administration; we put in to that lake those things which offer a support, and a strengthening of that lake, and those medications which the lake will convey to the appropriate mountain ranges which require it.

Individuals are able to make purchase of QUINTON marine plasma; you can purchase it through their website. The only caveat is you have to make certain its original Quinton, there are some fraudulent providers that sell it cheaply, it’s dangerous to use.


Now that we understand holistic medicine, how you diagnose and treat patients, can you tell us about how to use diet, along with holistic medicine for optimal health…

 My initial training was in Tai Chi Chuan from a Chinese gentleman who is a master, unbeknownst to me until later times, who was in a link of history with the originator Tai Chi Chuan, and beyond that, that he was really guiding me on the healing path. It is fair to say that there are two parallel paths Tai Chi Chuan, both paths operate under the umbrella of Daoism, one path is a fighting path and the other is a healing path, they both operate with the same principles, and they differ merely by intention.  From that to specific training in traditional Chinese medicine and finding that to be inadequate, continuing studying homeopathic medicine and finding that to be inadequate, continuing the study of homotoxicology and ultimately from that study, to that of nutrition.

It’s coming through a pursuit of intending good health, finding that the central core of it is diet. Ultimately, food is the first medicine.


What kind of diet, what food is medicine, there a diet that you feel benefits people the most? As you know, I personally have seen great improvement in my health through the paleo diet.

There’s a documentary, The Perfect Human Diet, which can be found YouTube. It is a perfect short documentary that is a pursuit by anthropologist to evaluate by scientific evidence what our species has eaten for hundreds of thousands of years. The finding is that up until 10,000 years ago, we ate what is today called the paleo diet. Meat from animals, fruits, nuts, seeds, perennials. When the reference is made to meat, it’s not necessarily made to the muscle meat; it’s more in reference to the organ meat. About 10,000 years ago, that is when the change in dietary habits occurred, when we began to farm and use grains. From that point forward, until the last sixty or seventy years we didn’t know what processed food was. We started getting processed food and then that processed food began being colored, and modified chemically to enrich flavor and genetically modified, and particularly in the case of wheat, chemically altered. So that these foods, particularly the wheat may better be described as a drug instead of a food, which is why two or two and half hours after consuming it you are hungry again.

It has been said that the industrialization of agriculture has been the downfall of our health…

It’s big pharma and big agra, the small farms, what we used to have, small organic farms are being driven out of business.

So the toxins, the poisons that we spoke about earlier, would you say this is where they are coming from,  along with environmental toxins, these poison in your body are coming from this chemically altered food?

Well, of course, our entire planet is polluted. Yes. First they spray the soil. They eliminate all pathogens on it. Then they plant food, then they need to fertilize what they planted, then they spray it with herbicide, and ultimately you consume it.  We’re consuming no only chemically altered food leached with poisons, but the food itself is dead. Nothing is the same in nature, no two tomatoes will ever look alike, yet when you go to the grocery store, all the tomatoes look that bright plump red, it’s not real.


Yes, there is a gap between what naturally grown food looks like and what we see in the big box stores, I don’t know when it was decided that food, produce, needed a makeover to be more marketable!

The nephew of Freud (Edward Bernays), is the one who is responsible for the level of public relations in this country, we are driven by PR specialists in this country. We love to look at pretty packages when we go shopping, we are drawn to certain colors, different scrips and fonts, and it’s all marketing and very little to do with good health.


What advice, now that we know to holistic medicine can help, and how it’s effective, and what role diet plays in health, what is a good starting point, if they want to start now, what is the first step…

The first issue is crossing the bridge of awareness. In that crossing is not listening to someone like me or anyone else, it is becoming informed, acquiring good information for yourself. they have different versions of it, they have been around a while, it’s a good humorous take off of the movie the matrix, as it applies to factory farming. Within this website, they have sources which are available to you in your area for good food. So that’s one!

Number two, you need to have your home water properly filtered. Proper filtration is with the use of reverse osmosis, which has both a pre and post filter to it. SO you should look for a counter top, reverse osmosis system that has three filter cartridges, a pre RO filter, an RO filter and a post RO filter. You must give to your body and your renal system decent water.

The foods that you consume, while I’m not a proponent of any specific diet, I much prefer to tell my patients the first thing you need to do is to start eating organic and nothing but organic. At least then I know they are eating clean food. From that point forward, they can begin to educate themselves they can learn to consume better foods for them.


Any advice for my readers on how to confidently find a holistic practitioner in their area, I know it can be difficult to make an informed decision because there are many unqualified people practicing now.

Because of that, I do not offer recommendations. What I would say, and I say this to both the students I teach and my patients, is that since we are embarking in an area of health care which is on the periphery of health care, and in my opinion will never become mainstream, it therefore makes it an absolutely necessary, that whatever you do you (treatment wise) have a change in a clinical pattern within 24-36 hours of whatever you do. So I tell my patients, what I am giving to you it may not resolve the totality of your ill health but you will experience some change in your clinical pattern in 24-36 hours.


To that end… if my clients what to see you or speak with you…

I do offer consultations via Skype, my office numbers is (786)220-0896.

Watch Dr. Ben-Jacob discuss healing your matrix here:


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