It’s Not Always a Straight Line: My AIP Journey

Have you all seen that meme that is a diagram with two pictures, one a straight line from point A to point B, the other a crazy scribble starting in Point A and eventually reaching point B? Ok well… if you haven’t… you get what I’m saying. It’s meant to show how life truly goes when striving for a goal. Right now, it totally feel that way. I’ve been on AIP for almost two months now. While I started with an altered version outlined by Tara Grant in The Hidden Plague, I eventually steered my way to a more traditional AIP as outlined by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne in The Paleo Approach.

I think it was 3 weeks before I saw any results. Then I had five glorious symptom free days. When they came back, I was floored. I hadn’t even begun reintroducing foods again. What I did learn, via my food journal was that I was indulging in honey or maple syrup sweetened treats too much. So, ok. Gone. ZERO treats. Two weeks later, again, CLEAR! WOOHOO! I was sure this was it. Then they came back. Albeit mild, still back. Right now I’m still nursing that last flare up. Whilst determined, I am loosing hope. When I feel really down about it, I go on The Paleo Mom , she really covers all of it, all the questions & thoroughly outlines why this process is different for everyone, it can take longer for some etc.

My hope is now that I am not in the category of those who have to be in the elimination phase for years!
It is such an enormous effort to keep up with AIP, my family and a social life. Despite the fact that I still enjoy food, I have adapted well to AIP cooking- I miss having a drink with my friends, going out to dinner, baking. Because I know if I have to, I will… but I might have to make an exception for tequila. Seriously folks. Balance and all that? (Kidding, sort of!).

On a positive note, weight is coming off pretty effortlessly. Well, a great deal of effort goes in to healing my body, and a side effect is weight loss. Don’t get your panties in a twist. I eat, a lot. If you follow me on Instagram you know this. Besides, I needed to/need to lose weight. Since I had my son, I hadn’t been able to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. That finally happened. Whoohoo.

I guess what I’m ranting off about is that I’m ready, I’m ready to feel better. I’m ready to not be at the mercy of my hormones. To not be taken aback when I feel the inflammation creeping up in my skin.

I know. I KNOW. That this diet, Autoimmune Paleo, is the key to managing my Hidradentistis Suppurativa. I knew it would not be easy. When you have such an ugly, deeply scarring (physically & emotionally) disease, getting a handle on it will never be easy. Besides, skin stuff is always super f*cked. It is. Ugh. But I’m doing this. I never thought I could do it before. My whole life, I knew what needed to be done, the sacrifice it would take to be the victor of my own health. You know? It what Whole30 that taught me I could do it. So grateful for that program. My motto used to be, I gave birth to a 10lb baby, I can do anything. Now it’s “I did a Whole30, I can do anything!” LOL.

I’m in this. It’s happening. Now, where did I see a plantain pizza??


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