Finding Inspiration...


I don’t know about you, but sometimes one meal or one day “off track” and I feel as if I am a total disaster and I never eat healthy.
The logical part of my brain knows that’s not true, for two reasons:
1. I don’t buy junk food, ever
2. My food restrictions would never let me

And yet, 1 paleo cookie too many or just one of those days where I graze on fruit, pork rinds & beef jerky instead of actually eating and it’s like my body gets sad. Sometimes I feel like it’s a little unfair… like c’mon! Give me a break… but what really works is going back… back tracking on my instagram feed or my recipe book and seeing all the wonderful healthy things I make and eat. I just came off a Whole30 for crying out loud!

I found this gem today, searching for inspiration for a healthy dinner, for a reminder of what I do… and THIS IS THE TICKET!


My husband and I had this salad for lunch on day 13 of Whole30. We grilled the chicken on the bbq, I made a makeshift Ceasar dressing with some coconut milk & homemade mayo, we used crunchy sweet potato as the croutons. A totally feel good meal. After spending the day at home, with my sick baby, total slump day… I’m making this tonight and will remember to write down what I did for the dressing 🙂

Sometimes you have to remember, you’re your own worst enemy & your own savior!